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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


In our ongoing efforts to give customers the best possible products and the most reliable service available, we have found an outstanding online review website called Customer Lobby that will verify customer's authenticity before publishing an online review.  What this means is, with most review programs like Google for example, anybody can post any kind of review they want without any verification or confirmation that this person actually had any service performed by the company.  Some companies actually have their employees go in and post positive reviews to make their overall review average higher!  Former employees and competitors will often go in and post horrible reviews for a company just to make the company look bad.

Customer Lobby has formulated a way for customers to post honest reviews about a company that anyone can look at and know that it was a truthful review by an actual customer who had a job performed for them by that company.  I know this is immensely important when checking out which company or service you need to have performed, I do it all the time.  So check it out sometime when you get a chance, also if you are a fan of the Environmental Heating and Air profile page on facebook, the reviews will be automatically posted there as they appear on Customer Lobby.



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