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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chapel Hill Revision

The lovely town of Chapel Hill NC has recently made a change to its policies on construction and the installation of Carbon Monoxide detectors.  The new revision will affect all newly constructed homes and the replacement or addition of a gas furnace system.  The new revision is as follows:
  1. R313.1.1  In new construction dwelling, units shall be provided with an approved carbon monoxide alarm installed outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedroom(s) as directed by the alarm manufacturer.
  2. R313.1.2  In existing dwellings where interior alterations, repairs, fuel-fired appliances replacement or additions requiring a permit occurs or where one or more sleeping rooms are added or created, an approved carbon monoxide detector shall be provided.
  3. R313.1.3  The required carbon monoxide alarms shall be audible in all bedrooms over background noise levels with all intervening doors closed.
I will continue to post any revisions for the Triangle area as they are released and become available.  We here at Environmental are always striving to do the best possible job we can whilst adhering to all local laws and ordinances.  If you have any questions regarding hvac rules and regulations, just give us a call!


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