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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Solar Incentives Heating Up In Congress

As I have mentioned before, solar/green energy is having a huge impact on the way America and the rest of the world is saving money and the environment.  In the spirit of keeping up with the latest news on the environment and society's impact on it, I stumbled across a great little article discussing less dependence on fossil fuels and adopting more of a dependence on renewable resources like solar energy.  It also discusses how the government is involved in this process.  I encourage you all to take a quick minute to read this article, it's fairly short so it won't take much of your time and it's a good little read.  I added the link below, check it out:




  1. Once your PV system is installed, the solar electricity it generates in free, clean, and reliable. PV systems are long-lasting and require little maintenance.

  2. Interesting post. Solar energy is very important and also this kind of energy is more easier to generate since it came from the sun.

  3. Great article. Thanks for sharing. It will bring great help to our surroundings.

  4. Currently there are a number of different federal incentives that, when combined, can cover up to 55% of the cost of a new solar system. When coupled with incentives offered by states, the cost of a solar installation may be even lower.

  5. Solar power is used by some gadgets nowadays. It is free and environment friendly.