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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Duct Cleaning Companies

It recently has come to our attention at Environmental that there are duct cleaning companies out there that have been pulling the "ol' bait and switch" with their customers.  What these companies do is advertise a really cheap price up front, then they will come to your residence and look at your duct work and add on a bunch of seemingly extra charges until the cost is sometimes four and five times the advertised price.  But upon review, there is always some fine print located some where in the advertisement that states "additional charges may apply" or something to that affect.  So bottom line, to save yourself some money and time, make sure and read the fine print and choose your duct cleaning company carefully.  Here is the link for a great segment Dateline NBC did on duct cleaning companies:


While we don't currently offer duct cleaning as one of our services here at Environmental, we can make recommendations on a good company that specializes in duct cleaning that won't rip you off and surprise you with hidden fees.  So give us a call today and let Environmental steer you in the right direction.



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