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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great Financing

In an ideal world, everybody would be able to afford top of the line heating/air conditioning and/or plumbing systems anytime they wanted.  But unfortunately, we live in a realistic world where the above mentioned scenario just isn't possible.  At Environmental, we understand that the economy is just in shambles right now and the need to conserve money is more important now than ever.  It can be tough for the average working class person to pay for a major household system upgrade or replacement.  That's why we have worked hard to come up with very affordable financing options for hard working everyday people like you and I.

Environmental can finance most everything, especially the installation of a new heating and a/c system, water heater or even whole home humidifiers or dehumidifiers.  Any kind of major repair to your heating and a/c or plumbing system is also included.  Everything from faucet and/or toilet replacements to fan motor and blower motor replacements, we've got you covered!  Just give us a call and let us help you make your heating and air conditioning plus plumbing needs more affordable in these bad economic times.


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