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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What To Do About R-22

For more than four decades R-22 has been the refrigerant of choice by all the major heating and air companies in the U.S.A.  But with the discovery of the harmful effects of this refrigerant on our environment coupled with the implementation of  the Clean Air Act, the heating and air industry has been going through some major changes.  Most recently being this weeks announcement that the price of R-22 has skyrocketed.

What this means for the customer is that they should hope that their R-22 system doesn't start leaking any time soon!  One important thing a homeowner can do for the environment, regardless of the refrigerant used, is to select a reputable dealer that employs technicians who are EPA certified and are skilled in the handling and reclaiming of refrigerants.  Here at Environmental, all of our technicians are EPA certified at the very minimum.  A homeowner should start planning for the future by getting a quote on what it would cost to replace their current R-22 heating and air system with a new more environmentally friendly R-410A system.  All air conditioning units produced after December 31st, 2010 come factory charged with R-410A refrigerant instead of R-22.  The somewhat new R-410A refrigerant is much cleaner and runs at a much higher pressure than R-22, unfortunately making it impossible for the two refrigerants to be interchangeable.  R-22 is only going to become increasingly more expensive due to the cutbacks in production and eventual complete production stoppage by January1st, 2020.

If you would like to read more into this subject, check out this great article by the EPA @ http://www.epa.gov/ozone/title6/phaseout/22phaseout.html.  If you would be interested in getting a quote on a new system or if you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at the number below.  Hope this info helps you out and as always, thanks for checking out the blog!


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