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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Enjoying The Benefits Of High Efficiency

If you're one of those people who decided to take advantage of purchasing a high efficiency heating and air conditioning system, these freezing cold days and nights must be making you glad you did!  Did you know that if you upgrade to a high efficiency heating and a/c system, you could reduce your home's energy consumption by up to 30 - 40%?  Not to mention, most local utility companies offer special incentives to their customers who purchase Energy Star qualified heating and a/c equipment! 

While it is more money up front to purchase one of these systems, you more than make your money back in energy usage.  With heating and air conditioning accounting for approximately 56% of the energy usage in your home, purchasing a high efficiency system is truly a wise investment. 

Always remember, just because you purchase high efficiency equipment, it means nothing if the equipment isn't properly installed.  Qualified professionals from a reputable company should be the only ones tasked with installing your new high efficiency heating and a/c equipment.  These certified technicians will also be able to spot other key factors in your home that can lead to poor efficiency:  outdated insulation, window and door air leaks, unsealed ductwork, etc... 

Bottom line is, if you're serious about saving money and using less energy, a high efficiency heating and air system is what you need!  Ask anyone who has one, right now they are sitting comfortably while saving money!

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  5. My home certainly needs to be updated to be more energy efficient and help me save on propane services. As much heat that is wasted through my poor insulation and old windows, I think any investment would be returned.

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