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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

80% vs 95% Furnaces

Which furnace is right for you?  Do you know the difference between an 80% and 95% furnace?  In order to figure out the answer to the first question, you must first understand the answer to the second question.  Let's break it down further so you can be equipped to make the most cost efficient decision possible!

The best model furnaces to go with, efficiency wise, are Energy Star qualified.  The efficiency of new furnaces is measured by the annual fuel utilization efficiency(AFUE), which is a measure of seasonal performance.  Furnaces today are rated between 80% AFUE and 98% AFUE.  Above 90% AFUE, a unit is considered to be "condensing", which means it recaptures some of the heat that would be wasted in traditional systems by condensing the escaping water vapor.  80-89% AFUE furnaces are still good furnaces, they are much better and more efficient than older style furnaces and are more affordable up front than the 90-98% high efficiency furnaces.  However, the 80-89% furnaces do not qualify for Energy Star programs.  The 90%-98% high efficiency furnaces are more expensive, but they do qualify for rebate programs which can earn you some nice cash in return.  Not to mention, your gas/utility bill(s) will take a noticeable dip in usage.  At Environmental, we offer great financing on all of the furnaces and systems we sell.  Which in turn can make the 90-98% Energy Star rated furnaces much more affordable.  Just give us a call or your trusted heating and air company in your area a call and take advantage of the great costs and efficiencies before the actual cold season gets here.  You will be amazed at the results you see in the form of energy savings!

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  2. I've never thought to ask if a heater was a 80% or a 95% furnace. That seems like something good to know when shopping for a furnace. I can see why the 90%-98% furnaces would help you save money on energy, even though they cost more to install.

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