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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quick Summer Tips For A Cooler Home

I've touched on this in previous blogs, but with some hot months ahead it's worth a repeat.  If you are on a maintenance plan then you are already a step ahead and good for you! If not, then cross your fingers your a/c doesn't go out! Here are just a few things you can do around the house to make sure you get the most from your a/c this summer:
  • change your air filter(s) every 30 to 90 days. Depending on how quickly your filter(s) get dirty
  • keep shades, blinds, windows closed to keep out sunlight as much as possible during the day when you aren't home
  • have a Preventative Maintenance Plan with a licensed, fully certified hvac company like Environmental
  • keep all bushes, grass, and other debris clear from around your a/c unit outside.  a 2 foot minimum clearance is best
  • take a quick look at your ductwork.  if it looks old and/or appears to be falling apart, have a professional take a look at it.  you would be AMAZED how much efficiency is lost because of loose and/or deteriorated ductwork
These are some of the major points that you at home can take care of in just a short amount of time. If taken care of, these things can help ensure you stay cool in the hottest of weather and achieve the longest life possible from your a/c and heating system without getting HUGE electric bills.  If you have any questions at all or would like to sign up for Environmental's Preventative Maintenance Plan, just give us a call at the number below or visit our website, thanks for reading and stay cool folks!



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  2. Maintaining your air conditioner is important so that you don't encounter problems as you are trying to use it. I think that your fourth suggestion to keep all bushes and grass as well as debris away from the unit will help to keep your unit from breaking. This way that on those very hot summer days, you will be able to easily cool down your house. http://www.bristolheatingandair.com

  3. I completely agree with you on the tips you set forth in this article. My parents had not done any maintenance work on their ducts for years and were pleasantly surprised at how much more efficient their ac ran after some repairs were done. If you need any repair done on your ac it is important to seek out an experienced professional so that you can be sure you house will keep cool throughout the whole summer.


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  6. I always want my air conditioner to work perfectly during the summer time. I know I can have an air conditioning contractor come to my place and work on the unit. I also know that I can do my part. I like the tip about leaving a 2 ft radius from around the unit free from bushes, grass, and other debris.

  7. Heating and air conditioning a home is essential. Wen systems are put in, the most important thing to know is that the units are properly sized for the home they are installed in. An improperly sized unit will not be efficient and will cost a lot more to run. I have the experience of moving into a home where the unit is too small and does not do the job properly, yet it costs a fortune!

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