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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thinking About Getting A New Air Conditioner?

At certain times of the year, the price of purchasing a new heating and air conditioning unit is at it's absolute lowest.  Those times take place most often at the end of the year and also when supply/demand dictates.  For example, right now!  The between seasons period is the most sluggish period sales-wise, and in an effort to keep products moving along, manufacturers are forced to lower their prices on new systems.  Which in turn is very beneficial to the customer, that kinda goes without saying.

Not only during these times does the cost of a new system go down, but also the interest rate that goes along with financing that new system!  It's a well known fact that the economy is bad right now and couple that with the above mentioned weather, and you've got yourself a perfect time to purchase that new system that you've had in the back of your mind that you know will need purchasing soon.  So I'm just trying to help you folks out by filling you in on the best times of the year to get that new system!  Trust me, you don't want to wait until the weather changes and demand goes back up, because so will the prices and interest rates!  At Environmental, we offer free quotes on system replacements with no pressure or hassle.  Our quotes are good for 30 days, so if you're even thinking you might need a new system before too long, strike now while the iron is hot!  Give us a call!



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  2. I just had a new heating/air conditioning unit replace a day ago; should the tech have replaced the heating coil at the same time? He said that it may have to be replaced at a later if needed. If this is a brand new installation, should everything have been replaced. He left no instructions in writing,nor did he show me the manual. When he left, I found the instruction packet in the yard. When installing the new unit, is the refrigerant included in the entire package? Last question, should he have asked me if I wanted to keep the old unit to scrap it or do they normally take it with them?
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  3. Nice article.. I ll also give one tip when getting new air condition.. Choosing the right size room air conditioner is as important as selecting a reliable brand. Shop for a model with a cooling capacity, measured in BTUs, that's appropriate for the square footage of your room.

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