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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Air Quality Products

Environmental Heating & Air is a proponent of air quality improvement specializing in HVAC system replacements and air quality products.  We offer everything from free estimates on system replacements to an extensive assortment of air quality products including air filters of all sizes by the case, air purification systems, UV lights and mold / odor eliminators!  Routine maintenance service is also offered at a discounted rate!  Environmental Heating & Air proudly services the Raleigh / Durham area of central North Carolina!  Check out some prices below as well as the link to Environmental Heating & Air's website....

Case (12) 20x20x1 Filter MERV 8 Pleated:  $49.00
Case (12) 10x20x1 Filter MERV 8 Pleated:  $35.00

Semi-annual Preventative Maintenance Service Plan:  $119.00 per year (2 visits)

For more products and services, please visit http://www.enviro-nc.com

Environmental Heating & Air of NC, Inc.

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