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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dirty Sock Syndrome

During certain times of the year, like the present, when a heat pump may warm in the morning hours and then cool at noon and later hours, it can produce condensate from noon on which fuels organic debris decay resulting in microorganism growth in and around the evaporator coil for up to 16 hours — only to release odor and toxins during the next morning’s warming hours. Heat pump coil temperatures are often not sufficient enough to kill proliferating microbes. Those that may die simply serve as a future food source for continued proliferation.

A thorough coil cleaning will make a difference, but the problem will usually return.  That's why, in addition to regular cleanings by an HVAC professional, UV-C lights are a must in eradicating all microbial growth.  UV-C lights kill microbes of all kinds and types and, like bleach, disassociates their carcasses and other organic materials. UV-C lights produce very little heat, no odor, and leave no secondary contamination behind — and it operates continuously as long as the blower wheel is engaged, which means no build-up of microbial matter!  UV-C lights can now be purchased for relatively cheap and installation is usually quite brief.  Consult your local HVAC service provider today to get rid of that pesky dirty sock odor for good!

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  1. Coil coating is the only thing that works permanently. After purchasing UV-C lights, then you have to pay the cost of electricity too and still can't kill it all. That's why people come to us, AME Technicoat. Thanks!