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Monday, November 29, 2010

6 Furnace Warning Signs

'Tis the season for good food and family in a nice warm house.   A comfortable and healthy home environment requires an efficient and sound heating system.  Now imagine the worst possible time for your furnace to call it quits, because that's probably when it's going to happen.  I've compiled a short list of warning signs that it may be time to consider replacing your furnace:
  1. How old is your furnace?  The average life expectancy of furnaces these days is anywhere between 13 to 20 years.   If your furnace is close to this age or older, you should begin shopping.
  2. Have you noticed a rise in your energy bill?  Furnaces will lose their efficiency as they age, especially if they have not been properly maintained.  As a result, your furnace may run longer to maintain the set temperature.
  3. Are parts starting to go bad?  Furnaces are like cars, as they age parts will begin to give out.  Before you know it, repair costs will start to add up and you will spend a ton just trying to keep that old furnace working!
  4. Is your burner flame yellow instead of blue?  A yellow or flickering flame may be a sign that poisonous carbon monoxide could be created by your furnace.
  5. Is your furnace starting to make strange noises?   Have you heard any banging, popping, rattling, or squealing noises coming from your furnace?  As with most mechanical things, furnaces tend to start making excessive noises while operating as they get older.
  6. Is your furnace struggling to maintain temperature?  When you set your thermostat to a certain temperature, does your furnace have to run constantly to maintain that temperature or does it even reach that temperature?  This is a dead giveaway that something isn't right.
If any of the above things sound like your furnace, give us a call at Environmental and let us help make sure you and your family will stay warm this winter!


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