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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reaching Out To The Community

Ask any small business owner anywhere and they will all tell you the same thing, without loyal customers their business could not exist.  Providing quality products and service will gain the trust of the customer and will keep them coming back.  But to really drive home the point that Environmental is all about our local community, we went out and got involved!

Environmental Heating & Air sponsors a Rookie League softball team and a Rookie League baseball team right here in Cary through the Town of Cary Parks & Recreation Office.  Both of Environmental's teams are doing really well and we are behind them all the way!  Co-owner Ryan Profitt is a board member of the Wake County Chapter of First in Families of North Carolina.  The goal of First in Families of NC is to support people with developmental disabilities and their families to create the lives they want now and in the future.  Co-owner Chris Montana is a volunteer and constant contributor to the Best Friend Pet Adoption agency located right here in Cary.  BFPA is a no-kill animal rescue organization committed to helping dogs and cats in need of homes.  Environmental salesman John Van Orden is a volunteer and member of his Raleigh church outreach program which volunteers at the local homeless shelter and partakes in local charity fundraisers.  Enviro NC is also a member of the National Federation of Independent Business, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that represents the consensus views of its members in Washington and all 50 state capitals.  Environmental Heating & Air owes all of it's success to it's local community and the outstanding citizens who rely on them 24/7 for great service and peace of mind about their home's heating and air needs, and for that we say thank you!

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