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Friday, April 14, 2017

Dont Neglect Your Filters

       In this age of highly advanced technology, the developed world enjoys a level of relative safety, and comfort that is unparalled in human history. The list of convenient tech goes on and on, but notable examples of inventions with a far reaching societal impact are things like vehicular transport, kitchen appliances, and HVAC systems. Subsequently, each citizen in most cases needs to manage repairs, and maintenance for many different products throughout the course of owning said products. Unfortunately, sometimes this process is neglected, and the negative effects WILL make themselves apparent down the road. No oil in your car? Add more...or your car will be nothing more than an expensive driveway decoration. This is an undeniable fact, and yet every year countless vehicles are rendered useless, caused solely by neglect to maintain their intricate inner workings. This line of thinking can be applied to basically any mechanical system. If your system is not maintained, in most cases the result will be higher levels of failure, and a decrease in productivity.
       Furthermore, it is important to realize which of these appliances are connected to our biology. If your refridgerator is not filtering water properly, you will tastes the difference. It is even possible that this issue could lead to sickness caused by the consumption of non-purified water. For most people this is not a problem because (conveniently) the prevalence of water quality monitors has mitigated this issue. Now, when your water filter needs to be changed a handy light will appear on the dispenser to let you know. Most people would shudder at the thought of drinking water from an out of date, or dirty water filter. How, then does air quality fall by the wayside?
     "Out of sight, Out of mind". This simple expression is fundamental to the thought process behind neglecting your air filters. The primary method of checking the status of your air quality is to simply take a look at your air filters. Furthermore, to be absolutely certain that no foreign particulates, or allergens are aggregating in your system, it is advisable to have your system properly inspected, and maintained by a professional. It is easy to forget, or dismiss the fact that changing your filters is a necessity, however failure to routinely change your filters can lead to some very serious issues. Especially for children whose lungs are not yet fully developed. Asthma, which has been proven to manifest itself  naturally, can also be an effect of poor air quality. Lung function can be greatly hindered by the inhalation of dust, mold, or other airborne contaminants. It is imperative to the health, and safety of anyone who regularly spends time in air conditioned spaces to keep a record of HVAC Service, so as to know when your system needs to be serviced, maintained, or replaced due to old age. Your lungs will thank you!



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