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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

When Productivity Is Crucial, Comfort Must Be Accounted for.


     Most people can relate to the sensation of being too hot, or feeling too much humidity. Some would argue that this lack of comfort is distracting, and not condusive to productivity. When you are focused on your environment, you inherently take some focus away from your work.
      The main factor that should determine what your thermostat is set to is personal comfort. Furthermore , personal comfort is subjective, and what is right for you may not be comfortable for someone else. Personally, I am very much aware of the fact that I prefer temperatures between 65'F-72'F, That being said if a coworker of mine doesnt share those same standards, said person could customize their A/C zone through various methods.
         The first, and easiest method would be to personalize the air distribution settings for your system. This can be done by simply adjusting the amount of air flow through your vents, allowing more air to large open spaces, and less air to smaller offices. Vents can even be closed in order to bypass unused rooms, or at the request of an individual who is more comfortable in warm environments. These steps can also be applied to heating during the winter.
       The second, more comprehensive method would be to invest in a split-system HVAC, or alternatively to install a second system. With a second system, and the installation of a second thermostat, you can regulate various zones of your home, or office. These methods will ensure that every individual is happy, productive, and comfortable in their environment.


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