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Monday, October 11, 2010

Is Your Heating & Air Company Legit?

Sure, this new hvac company you've found offers you way cheaper prices than any of the other places in town, but is it a legitimate business?  Are they licensed with the town in which you reside?  These types of unlicensed, shade tree operations are a fairly common occurrence here in the Triangle area and you have to be careful that they won't leave you high and dry.  You have to consider "How much is this going to cost me?" People advertise things like "the lowest prices in town”, “We’ll beat any estimate”, “No job too small or No job too big", “We'll fix any problem" or “We can do it all”.  This sounds very good and maybe they really do know this profession that well, but in reality if they are the lowest price in town and can beat any estimate they may not have a Privilege License, proper insurance or bonding.  You also have to consider if they will be in business for possible warranty work required in the future.  Also, when done properly it costs money to protect you, the consumer.

Before doing business with any “company”, verify if they are registered, licensed, bonded and insured. Additionally find out how long have they been in business.  Reputable service people and companies are easy for you to contact. They should have a business card or photo identification, business address, phone, fax line, cellular number, e-mail address and maybe even a website that you can contact them through.  If you think paying a professional is expensive, you will be shocked to see how much an amateur will really cost you in the end.  Below I have provided a link for you to do an easy check to see if the business is legit, this is the official North Carolina licensing website.  Just type in the name of the business where it says 'Business Name' and then hit 'Go' and it will present a list of licensed businesses with that name in North Carolina.




  1. A lot of companies say they are Licensed, meaning they have a privelege licensed. That just means they are registered with the town to perform business. which is a start, however to Do Heating and Air conditioning, you need alot more. You must have a EPA license to perform work with any type of Refrigerents. If you Perform any time of Replacement work you MUST have a Mechanical And Electrical license or have someone who has an Electrical License assist them.
    Several 3rd Party groups have Licensed that are an industry standard. Although not required, they do help insure that the company working on your system knows what they are doing. NATE is a fine example (www.natex.org).

  2. Maybe you would prefer that licensed companies have the right to provide and install new equipment by giving an estimate at the very least to the owner never mind the cost.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great information, we look forward to seeing more from you in the future!

    -Warren Heating and Air

  4. Thanks for a good read. I agree that it can take a while before your investment returns. But on the other hand, it is a very positive thing for our environment and it really helps!

  5. It is always good to take time and research about the manufacturers of the products you are planning to buy. So then, you can come up with a wise decision and a good investment.

  6. For the best interest, its wise to do some little research or pondering before entrusting job for the plumbing service. Illegitimate plumbers can be scammers that will take money from the poor customer. Always entrust the job for the licensed and professional plumbers.

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