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Monday, October 4, 2010

John The People's People Person

There are three keys to being successful as a salesperson in the business world:
  1. Take care of the customer
  2. Take care of the customer
  3. Take care of the customer

Everybody knows the classic salesperson; pushy, persistent, annoyingly friendly, and just an all around bad person.  Now, try to imagine a salesperson that you would be comfortable speaking with; likely honest, to the point, and easy on the eyes.  Well, when the knowledgeable and incredibly down-to-earth John Van Orden crossed paths with the owners here at Environmental, magic happened!  John is a family man with great business ethics, he is super nice and yet has no fear of being brutally honest when it comes to informing you about prices and special deals, and that's why we love him! 

Whenever we get customers who come to us because they are disappointed with their current heating and air company, which by the way happens quite often, they always say that the salesperson they talk to just seems interested in getting the commission and pays no attention to what they are saying and asking.  Purchasing a new system can be a fairly large expenditure and you should get every penny's worth in comfort from it.  That's where our salesman John comes in!  So go ahead and give us a call and fire any questions you have at him, 919-535-8422, or simply ask on here and I promise I can have you an answer in no time!



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